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Hiking Crystal Lake to Mount Hawkins and South Mount Hawkins

A day of solitude surrounded by miles of untouched¬†wilderness and snow capped peaks, all contained in a Sunday hike in LA’s backyard. Even I didn’t think that was possible.

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Three Points to (almost) Twin Peaks

The Three Points trail is a grim reminder of the devastation of the Station Fire. Looking at the burned landscape, it’s hard to believe that is has been nearly five years since the fire took place.

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Mount Baldy via the Ski Hut Trail – Devil’s Backbone Loop

We returned to one of our favorite romping grounds to tackle one of Southern California’s classic day hikes. The Baldy Bowl to Devi’s Backbone loop provides easy access to LA’s highest peak while offering incredible views and some intimidating exposure along the way.

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Idling away on Altadena’s Idlehour Trail

Tucked away in the foothills above Altadena, the Idlehour trail is a rarely traveled section of the San Gabriel Mountains that provides Angelenos an easy escape from the city’s crowds.

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North Backbone trail to Pine Mountain, Dawson Peak, and Mount Baldy

The North Backbone trail hits the 3 highest peaks in the Angeles National Forest, stays above 8,000 feet for its entire length, offers great views of the most remote part of the San Gabriel Mountains, and manages to remain almost completely devoid of hikers. What’s the catch?

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