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Bishop Fall Color Guide: A Morning in Paradise

Every year around the end of September, foliage in the Eastern Sierra begins to turn color to signal the change in season. For a brief couple of weeks, the Sierra crest lights up with brilliant hues of red, orange, and yellow as Aspen groves transition towards fall. It is one of the most dazzling displays of nature found on the West Coast. Furthermore, the fact that this amazing explosion of seasonal color occurs in California, which is traditionally devoid of these types of scenes, makes the occasion even more special.

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The Failed 2013 Sierra Expedition

Our grand adventure for the year came to a sudden halt as July monsoons wreaked havoc in the Sierra.

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North Lake to Lower Lamarck and Wonder Lakes

The Wonder Lakes near Bishop lie in a bucolic offtrail Sierra basin with easy weekend access. Quite wonderful indeed.

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Onion Valley to Matlock Lake: The Great Escape

Taking advantage of another dry winter, Callie and I went on an early season Sierra trip up to Matlock Lake.

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