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Circle of Solitude: 8 days solo in Sequoia-Kings Canyon NP.

This 88 mile loop out of Kearsarge Pass features enough jaw dropping scenery to fill a book, or in this case, a giant trip report.

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Mosquito Flats to Mono Creek: Where no dog has napped before

The summer of Sierra continued with a four day trip to the Mono Creek area out of Rock Creek. Callie and I ended up offtrail in a remote basin in the center of the Sierra, where I suspect few dogs have traveled before.

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South Lake to Bishop Pass: Disappointment at Dusy Basin

What a difference a week makes. After an amazing trip to Moonlight Falls near Lake Sabrina, I was ready to get back up into the Sierra as soon as possible. Full of excitement, I headed back up to the Bishop area to explore the Dusy Basin area of Kings Canyon, but unfortunately my streak of luck was not meant to last.

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Lake Sabrina to Moonlight Falls: Unexpected Isolation

Callie and I went back to the Eastern Sierra for another overnighter this past weekend. This time our destination was the Sabrina Basin, a popular hiking area near Bishop. We were blessed with great weather and a surprising lack of crowds on the trail.

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Bear Canyon: Death march up Mount Baldy

With only 3 weeks until Mt. Whitney, it was time for an extreme day hike to put my endurance to the test. We opted for a new trail, the Bear Canyon route up Mt Baldy which climbs about 6000 feet over an unrelenting 6 and a half miles.

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Pine Creek to Honeymoon Lake: Callie’s First Overnighter

Callie and I made a trip up to the Sierra over Memorial Day weekend and she finally got her first backcountry experience. After spending the past 8 months hiking the San Gabriel Mountains, it was time for her to finally put that training to use on a proper backpacking trip. The weather was cool, the mountains were still snowy, the bugs were non-existant, and a great time was had.

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