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Mojave National Preserve: Peace and Beauty near Las Vegas

Tucked away in the empty stretch of desert between Las Vegas and Los Angeles, the Mojave National Preserve is the perfect escape for people looking to take a break from civilization. Continue reading

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Lake Ediza and Thousand Island Lake: Like Old Times

After a 20 year hiatus, my dad and I finally got back into the Sierra to rekindle an old father and son tradition.

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South Lake to Bishop Pass: Disappointment at Dusy Basin

What a difference a week makes. After an amazing trip to Moonlight Falls near Lake Sabrina, I was ready to get back up into the Sierra as soon as possible. Full of excitement, I headed back up to the Bishop area to explore the Dusy Basin area of Kings Canyon, but unfortunately my streak of luck was not meant to last.

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Bear Canyon: Death march up Mount Baldy

With only 3 weeks until Mt. Whitney, it was time for an extreme day hike to put my endurance to the test. We opted for a new trail, the Bear Canyon route up Mt Baldy which climbs about 6000 feet over an unrelenting 6 and a half miles.

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